17th EFF Integration You and Me comes to end!

The 17th European Film Festival Integration You and Me has come to an end. On Friday evening we met for the last time with our Festival's guests, film crews, characters of contest films and jurors in Koszalin Public Library. The Festival was really extraordinary, there weren't any live meetings, concerts, workshops, a science conference devoted to this year's leitmotif 'Connected to Culture'. There also weren't any non-contest screenings on Saturday which traditionally ended our Festival.

During four Festival days we focused mainly on films. Let's remind that this year we have shown 32 films from 21 countries (14 documentaries, 12 feature and 6 amateur films). There were online meetings with Jadwiga Jankowska – Cieślak – a chairperson of the jury, an actress, Małgorzata Foremniak, an actress who was a guest at the Festival, Kuba Czekaj – a director, a jury member and Anna Dzieduszycka – an actress, acting in a constest film 'The Dress', Petro Aleksowski – a director of 'Papcio Chmiel' and Wojciech Retz – one of the characters of 'On the Top Tyrryry'.



The verdict of the jury: Jadwiga Jankowska - Cieślak – chair person, Eugeniusz Gordziejuk, Kuba Czekaj, Mariusz Trzeciakiewicz was presented by Kuba Czekaj. After having watched films taking part in a feature film (12 films), documentary film (14 films) and amateur film (6 films) contest, the jury unanimously gave the Main Awards – Butterflies 2020 and distinctions:

Zadanie 1

  • Butterfly 2020 in an amateur film category has gone to 'The Task' by Dariusz Janiczak for distance and a sense of humour when presenting the process of maturation to independence of people with disabilities.
  • A distinction in an amateur film category has gone to 'Once Upon A Time in Chorzów' by Sylwia Pradelok-Świerc and Paweł Mikołajczyk for their great contribution and common effort when organising a venture with the participation of many people who have been able to create a coherent and full film.
  • A distinction in an amateur film category has gone to 'Stereo Monologue' by Mariusz Wieliczko for modesty and crystal cleanness when presenting the topic.



Uciskw twoich mi potrzeba 1

  • Butterfly 2020 in a documentary film category has gone to 'I Need the Handshakes' by Andrej Kuciła for a beaming light from the film, the presentation of a deep relationship of the characters and a mystery overwhelming the audience.
  • A distinction in a documentary film category has gone to 'What Happens Tomorrow' by Anastasia Shtandke for presenting the inner self of a sportswoman in a delicate and moving way.
  • A distinction in a documentary film category has gone to 'Moving' by Omer Ben David for a universal story about friendship and entering adulthood.
  • A distinction in a documentary film category has gone to 'Maricarmen' by Sergio Morkin for an intimate sphere of the film, wonderful photos, making an impression that the main character of the film has invited us to her everyday life.


Sukienka 1

  • Butterfly 2020 in a feature film category has gone to 'The Dress' by Tadeusz Łysiak for a difficult subject of the need of love which has been shown in a subtle and universal way making the film fulfilled in all respects.
  • A distinction in a feature film category has gone to actress Anna Dzieduszycka for her role in 'The Dress', for her great courage and professionalism.
  • A distinction in a feature film category has gone to actor Tommy Jessop for his role in 'Innocence' by Ben Reid for his natural acting, presenting his acting talent and multicolour of his character.


Zycie nr 2

  • Butterfly 2020 Special Award of the Rector of Koszalin University of Technology has gone to 'Life, Take 2' by Krzysztof Włostowski for his creative and personal courage when presenting his own experiences and for making a good film with the use of minimal tools.


Na grze

  • An Audience Award Butterfly 2020 has gone to 'On the Top Tyrryry' by Renata Kijowska.

The laureates got to know about the prizes before the beginning of the closing ceremony of our Festival. Andrej KuciłaDariusz Janiczak and Krzysztof Włostowski sent their thanks and a few words of reflection concerning the Festival. We don't need to add that they are very glad they have received Festival's Butterflies.

The Festival was closed by Piotr Jedliński, the President of Koszalin. Next year we are meeting at a Festival which will become an adult. At the end the audience watched the last film of this year's Festival – a non-contest Norwegian film titled 'Hope' and let's hope the title is an optimistic motto for all of us for the foreseeable future

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