Laughter Yoga Workshops



Can optimism be installed in us through practice? Do banks and big corporations really offer their workers laughter classes? Can laughter be the tongue of peace? Is it possible to laugh not seeing any reasons to?

The answer to all the aforementioned questions is YES! Laughter yoga is a method of evoking happiness which has been practiced in 104 countries. This unique technique was started by doctor Madan Kataria in 1995 in India. The method is a combination of unique exercises evoking laughter, simple breathing yoga techniques and activating and relaxing exercises. The method allows people to take advantage of medical and psychological benefits of laughter such as tension release, oxygenation and excitation.
Every day adults laugh 10 times while children laugh as many as 300 times. This new system gives an opportunity to laugh more. In classes laughter is stimulated as a physical exercise and it usually leads to sincere, contagious laughter. Even if we laugh only as an exercise, our happy body and mind experience relaxation and the boost of endorphins. The practice builds optimism in a practical way. The more we laugh in classes the more we strengthen our diaphragm and the easier it is to laugh healthier and deeper in everyday situations.




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