Small Festivals You and Me

Na krawędzi (On the Edge), reż. Rina Papish, Izrael 2020, 50 min. (D)

The extraordinary story of Avner, who was a champion in skydiving and base jumping. When he was 28, he jumped off a bridge in California, crashed to the ground and became paralyzed. Through touching encounters and rare photographs, the gap between his life before and after the accident is revealed.

Oko boga (Eye of God), reż. Igor Kawecki, Polska 2019, 17 min. (D)
The film tells the story of the last residents of the tenement house in Cracow's Kazimierz district. The guide who is also the main narrator is a 25-year-old Olaf who lives on the border between fantasy and reality. In his unique and subjective way, he talks about himself, his family and his neighbors. Observing the gradual gentrification of the Kazimierz district, and also aware that his family home will soon cease to exist, he increasingly escapes into internal experiences and fantasies. One of them is the conviction that the tenement house on Brzozowa street, where he lives, is the central place of the universe – an Eye of God.
Raj (Paradise), reż. Mateo Cabeza, Hiszpania 2020, 20 min. (D)
A father and son cross the Mediterranean sea driven by an important mission: saving Taha's fragile life. Suspended between the memory of the homeland they left behind and their uncertainty in the host country that has taken them in, the two learn to survive in a hospital room.
Ondyna (Ondine), reż. Tomasz Śliwiński, Polska 2019, 40 min. (F)
There is a myth about Ondine, a water nymph, who fell in love with the mortal. Because of his infidelity, she put a curse on him that he would breathe only as long as he remembered about this. And so he died, as soon as he fell asleep. There is also a rare medical condition called Ondine’s Curse. Cezary still lives with his mother and he is in love with Emilia, a rock singer. He also has a dark secret. One day all three of them have to deal with the mythical Ondine and her curse.
Spojrzenie (The Gaze), reż. Wonjin Kim, Korea Południowa 2020, 15 min.
As a blind beggar enters the late subway train, eight indifferent people all turn away. But after he passes, a child points out a 50 dollar bill on the floor and the tension rises. Everyone jumps for the money, and after a long struggle the salesman gets it. But then, the beggar returns.
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