Verdict Jury

Jury members: Piotr Wereśniak – chair person, Małgorzata Sobieszczańska, Jowita Budnik, Marzena Trybała and Petro Aleksowski, after having watched films taking part in a feature film (16 films), documentary film (16 films) and amateur film (6 films) contest, unanimously gave the Main Awards – Butterflies 2019 and distinctions:

Butterfly 2019 in an amateur film category has gone to 'Superhero' by Dariusz Janiczak for wonderful characters, witty humour an incredibly light story and a real suspense. Additionally, the jury has appreciated the level of film production and fantastic montage which are not on a lower level than professional films.

A distinction in an amateur film category has gone to 'the Colour of Life' by Michael Njoroge and Grace W. Matu for a film manifesto against the lack of tolerance, cruelty, being different and objectifying people.

Butterfly 2019 in a documentary film category has gone to 'Connected' by Aleksandra Maciejczyk for a beautiful, humorous and emotional story about love which overcomes all barriers. The jury has appreciated an original way of showing characters and a perfect use of film means of expression.

Butterfly 2019 in a feature film category has gone to 'My name is Petya' by Daria Binevskaya for a story about Slavic sensitivity placed in a system absurdity of the East. The jury has appreciated an ability to place a wide repertoire of emotions in a short and consistent film form.

A distinction in a documentary film category has gone to 'Design-Ability' by Otoxo Productions for an optimistically and suggestively told story about differentness which is a great value, about the use of a great creative potential of people with disabilities at a commercial market and art which integrates without any barriers.

A distinction in a documentary film category has gone to 'The Sign of Love' by Elad Cohen and Iris Ben Moshe for a warm and sensitive story about untypical parenthood, the need of acceptance and affiliation told in an incredibly sincere and intimate portrait of the characters.

A distinction in a documentary film category has gone to 'Happy Together' by Yen Kung Kuo for the courage of raising a subject which is difficult but very important and which breaks a social cultural taboo.

A distinction in a documentary film category has gone to 'Shock Waves' by Kineret Hay-Gillor for an astute insight into a problem of post traumatic stress disorder and its influence on whole families and society.

An audience award has gone to 'Knight Stefan' by Agnieszka Kozaczka-Gralak.

A youth jury award has gone to 'Superhero' by Dariusz Janiczak.


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