Contest films


Być jak Brad Pitt m
1) Copy Brad Pitt by Ariela Alush, Izrael 2017, 60 minutes (D)
Afflicted with cerebral palsy at birth, Eldar Yusupov cannot speak. He uses an alphabetical board to communicate and even make films that way, but his real challenge is convincing his parents he deserves independence.


CISCO 2020 Wielki Buntownik m
2) Cisco 2020, Massive Rebel by Miguel Garrido, Spain 2018, 30 minutes (D)
It’s the story of Cisco, a snowboard and tennis lover who in 2015 suffered an accident in which his spinal cord was broken.


Janka m
3) Janka by Adela Kaczmarek, Poland 2018, 52 minutes (D)
Janka is an intimate portrait of Janina Ochojska – the founder of the Polish Humanitarian Action. Animation intertwines with the document, the past with the present. Childhood determined by a serious illness leads the heroine to a unique approach to life.


Mój tata Supernova m
4) My Dad, The Supernova by Maartje Duin, Holland 2017, 17 minutes (D)

Maartje Duin’s dad has Alzheimer’s. Now that his memories are fading, she starts questioning him. What had he done in the years before she was born when he had graduated as an astronomer? They visit the Old Observatory in Leiden together.


Niebo bez gwiazd m
5) A Sky Without Stars by Katarzyna Dąbkowska-Kułacz, Poland 2018, 52 minutes (D)
It is a story of love between a father who has almost lost his sight and his seven-year-old son who has become his guide. Robert teaches Gabryś about life and the skills he'll need in the future. Despite the affliction, they both find beauty in life and build an extraordinary relationship.


Papa dzień z życia ojca m

6) Papa – A Day In A Father’s Life by Rajendra Dhamane, India 2018, 34 minutes (D)
Two men and their families. They take care of their families beyond their capacity and limits. They never give up.


Podróż do cudotwórcy m 

7) Journey To The Miracle Man by Lisa Vipola, Fabian Wigren, Denmark 2018, 65 minutes (D)

In the small village of Abadiânia in Brazil lives John of God known as one of the world's leading healers. The two friends Lisa and Fabian have one thing in common, they both have an incurable chronic disease. Fabian has had rheumatism since childhood and Lisa was diagnosed with MS at the age of 20. Lisa is tired of just accepting her illness and dreaming of a change. When she comes in contact with a woman who arranges trips to Miracle man, she sees it as an opportunity to be cured. Fabian is not as convinced, but allows himself to be persuaded. But is the Miracle man the savior everyone is talking about, and do they need to believe to be healed?


Przerwana misja m

8) Aborted Mission by Petro Aleksowski, Poland 2018, 50 minutes (D)

The story of an everyday life of two soldiers who have become permanently disabled during their mission in Afghanistan. The drama of living after the mission is shown from the perspective of the veterans and their families.


Taki trochę chory m

9) A Little Bit Sick by Monika Skrzypczak, Polska 2017, 17 minutes (D)
A little bit sick, that’s how Jacek Noch indroduces himself. A few years ago he heard a diagnosis which turned his life upside down. In the beginning it was a shock. After all Jacek found his way in struggling with his disease. He handles it with a huge sense of humour. Today he is a pretty popular comedian who frankly speaks about his daily problems.


The Unlimited House of Krip m

10) The Unlimited House of Krip by Garry Robson, Jane Farley, Great Britain 2018, 28 minutes (D)

The Unlimited House of Krip celebrates the fusion of deaf and disabled performers with the gloriously extravagant world of vogue ball culture.



Trzecia opcja m

11) The Third Option by Thomas Fürhapter, Austria 2017, 78 minutes (D)

What do you do if your foetal scan reveals that your child does not live up to modern society's expectations of normality? A painful question that more and more people have to ask themselves. A woman and a man soberly introduce us to their own experiences from an invisible position outside the image's sharply framed window on Western welfare reality.

W ciemności m

12) In The Dark by Victor Asliuk, Belorussia 2018, 25 min.

Sasha, a young man, lives “by touch”. He makes out cars and lorries by smell. He remembers all animals he has met because he has felt them with his fingers. When Sasha was eleven, “it became dark around and it has been dark ever since”. Sasha went completely and irrevocably blind.


We mnie m
13) Inner Me by Antonio Spanò , Italy 2016, 30 minutes (D)
Butembo, North Kivu, D.R. Congo. The stories of everyday struggle against marginalization, abuse and oppression, but despite the insurmountable obstacles imposed on them by society, the protagonists show us how their strong and undefeated will allows them to take hold of their fate every single day and reveals the beautiful resilience of the human spirit.


Wykluczeni m
14) Excluded by Artur Dziurman, Poland 2017, 45 minutes (D)
A film about a group of the Integrative Blind Actor Theater. A portrait of an acting team operating in the theater. In the "Excluded" group members talk about their life and work.

Zołza i Perła m
15) Zołza and Perła by Izolda Czmok-Nowak, Poland 2018, 10 minutes (D)
When they are out together, people think they are siblings. The truth is they’ve been married for two years. Reactions to this information vary; usually it’s disbelief and surprise: how is it possible that such a “great” girl married a disabled guy. Łukasz suffers from cerebral palsy. Ewelina is an attractive, feisty young woman.They admit that hardly anyone understands them. But the most important thing is that they feel good together. They write a blog and share their life with the world. This way they wish to fight stereotypes concerning people with disabilities and inspire others with courage and optimism.





Atlas m

1) Atlas by Maciej Kawalski, Poland 2018, 30 minutes (F)

What secret is Adam aka Atlas hiding? Day and night, he stands with his arms up and remains stubbornly silent. Who is he? Why is he in this slightly crazy, psychiatric hospital? And what will happen when he lowers his arms?


Ciche dziecko m
2) The Silent Child by Chris Overton, the USA 2017, 20 minutes (F)
A 4-year-old girl named Libby lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker teaches her to use sign language to communicate.


Downside Up m

3) Downside Up by Peter Ghesquière, Belgium 2016, 15 minutes (F)

The world is populated only by people with Down syndrome. One day a boy is born who is different. He is not 'normal' because he looks a little bit different and behaves a little bit unusually.

Kochanie m
4) Sweetheart by Marco Spagnoli, Italy 2017, 8 minutes (F)
A woman dressed as Marilyn is waiting for her Elvis to come and rescue her on the top of a bridge in an empty today Rome. Their love story is not what it seems.


Nie zapomniałeś m
5) You Didn’t Forget by Simon Intihar, Slovenia 2016, 14 minutes (F)
An elderly woman's day is turned upside down when she sets out to find her missing husband who's been struggling with memory loss.


Nieuprzejmość m
6) What Ever Happened To The Incivility by Delio Colangelo, Italy 2017, 7 minutes (F)
Guido is struck by a sudden appearance of a beautiful girl. But how can he talk to her? He is convinced that the only opportunity to know her it is to rely on the proverbial lack of Italian sensitivity towards disability.


Obcy m

7) Strangers by Jonathan Benedict Behr, Germany 2017, 16 minutes (F)

Farah and her sister Alima lie closely huddled in their small bed. They try to get their minds off an unknown looming thread – a rumor even the other kids in school talk about. Then – in the middle of the night – there is a knock on the front door.

W brzuchu wilka przygody Czerwonego Kapturka m
8) Inside the Wolf’s Belly: Adventures of Little Red Cap by Lidiya Huzhva, Ukraine 2016, 10 minutes (F)
This is the story of a young artist who gives up everything to care for her disabled grandmother. The life of the two women - the endless repetition of itself. An invitation to an Art Biennale - a chance that comes once in a lifetime - makes the girl do what she avoids at all costs - a difficult choice.


W czyimś łóżku m

9) The Beds Of Others by Jonay Garcia, Spain 2018, 15 minutes (F)

Laura is a sexual assistant for people with functional diversity. Her boyfriend, Marco, is desperate to find a job to change the situation. Perhaps the only thing we all need is a little affection to feel alive.


Wstyd m

10) It’s A Shame by Marco Toscani, Italy 2018, 6 minutes (F)

Daniel is condemned to live in an electric wheelchair. He decides to go out and look for a prostitute, but once he finds her, he can’t muster the courage to go through with it and starts back home.


Wszechwidzący m

11) The All Seeing Blind by Nuri Cihan Özdogan, Turkey 2017, 17 minutes (F)

The gold of Saddam, the last haul of the Iraqi war, is smuggled into Turkey hidden in cotton. Blind workers are used to pick the gold from the cotton. The smugglers try to prevent any possible thefts by telling the workers that it is rock they pick from the cotton. They don’t know that there’s a seeing eye among the blind workers.


Zbliżenie m

12) Close-Up by Maria Wieczorek, Poland 2017, 12 minutes (F)

It’s a story of blind Sam who as a consequence of an incident in a park decides to go under an operation of inoculating lenses. He sees the world for the first time. “Who have you been?” – repeats Sam whenever he sees mysterious Lily. He also asks who he has become in the new world. The world created from scratch. The created and programmed world. The world in which even an encounter of two people is doubtful.


Żuraw m

13) Tower Crane by Mohamadreza Rafiei, Iran 2017, 25 minutes (F)

An operator of a powerful tower crane involves himself in an occasional observation of a neighbouring roof where he sees a young woman and her disabled husband playing with their pigeons.




Biało czerwona m

1) White-red, collective work Poland 2018, 3 minutes

National colours are used to paint a picture of a country. Its flag, emblem and impressionistically told history.


Jak to jest m

2) What It Feels Like by Steven Fraser, Great Britain 2018, 3 minutes (A)
A short animated documentary that investigates voice hearing. Small boxes that contain a flip book style animation are presented to show the emotion that people who hear voices feel.


Kontrasty kulisy spektaklu m

3) Contrasts – Backstage by Sylwia Pradelok-Świerc, Poland 2018, 10 min.
Theatre is a different world where everything is possible. Dreams come true, passions are fulfilled and self-confidence is strengthened here. Differences disappear on a stage – there is no division into able-bodied and disabled and the actors’ weaknesses become their strengths.


Ostatni skok m

4) The Last Jump by Krzysztof Kiziewicz, Radovan Lee, Poland 2016, 2 min.
Marcin jumped to water for the last time when he was 15. Water was shallow, he broke his spine. He has been using a wheelchair since then. He lives normally: studies, works, meets his friends. Marcin has had no doubts whether to co-create the film or not. You need to warn people – he says – and if I have an opportunity to help others this way, then why not?


Pies w rękach m
5) The Dog in the Hands by Filip Przepiórski, Daria Labuda, Poland 2016, 7 minutes (A)
The film presents a relationship of a human and a dog. The film touches the viewer with eyesight, smile, stroking, hugging, music – everything they feed each other: a human and an animal. This is a picture of searching for warmth, fulfillment of needs, missing affection and real experiences. It’s an art of life.


Wiosna w MZT m

6) Spring in MZT by Ewa Werfel, Poland 2018, 6 minutes

MZT is a land where the author of the film would like to live. It’s rural and fairy-tale as well as careless to all appearances.


Zaręczyny m

7) Committed by Rachel Handler, Crystal Arnette, the USA 2018, 6 minutes (A)

When Calvin announces that he's proposing to Leesa...and then they're moving to the suburbs, Rebecca enlists Dennis's help to sabotage the proposal and keep their friends around for good.




Ana mon amour m

1) Ana, mon amour, reż. Cãlin Peter Netzer, Romania, Germany, France 2017, 125 minutes (F)

Ana and Toma meet at a university and quickly fall passionately in love. However, Ana's progressive mental illness casts a shadow on their relationship.

Blask m

2) Radiance by Naomi Kawase, Japan 2017, 101 minutes (F)

Misako passionately describes objects, feelings and the world around her. She is an audio descriptor. During one of the projections, the girl meets a famous photographer, whose sight is irreparably deteriorating. Between the man and the woman starts a feeling.



Cudowny chłopak m

3) Wonder by Stephen Chbosky, Honkong, the USA 2017, 113 minutes (F)

Auggie from birth has a deformed face. In a new school, the boy wants to prove to his peers that beauty is more than appearance.

Mali bohaterowie m

4) Everyday Heroes by Anne-Dauphine Julliand, France 2016, 79 minutes (D)

A story about the everyday life of children struggling with complicated illnesses. Their lives look different than their peers’ lives - they have to share them between home and hospital. However, a difficult position does not deprive them of joy, a desire for normality and carelessness.


Niezwyciężony m

5) Stronger by David Gordon Green , the USA 2017, 119 minutes (F)
The victim of an assassination attempt during a Boston marathon in 2013 helps the police track down assassins while trying to shake off a devastating trauma.

Pełnia życia m

6) Breathe by Andy Serkis , Great Britain 2017, 117 minutes (F)

The inspiring true love story of Robin and Diana Cavendish, an adventurous couple who refuse to give up in the face of a devastating disease.

Znikasz m

7) You Disappear by Peter Schønau Fog , Denmark 2017, 117 minutes (F)

A friendly and calm headmaster begins to change. He transforms into an unpredictable, psychopathic psychopath.


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