Contest rules and regulations

11th European Film Festival Integration You and Me

§ 1.

1. The 11th edition of the European Film Festival Integration You and Me will be held between 2nd and 6th September 2014.

2. The Festival is organised by: Socio - Cultural Society of Koszalin and Public Library in Koszalin.

§ 2.

The aim of the Festival is to promote documentaries, feature and amateur films dealing with various aspects of disability.

§ 3.

The Festival consists of the following contests:

1. the contest of feature films

2. the contest of documentaries

3. the contest of amateur films. A film should be made by the disabled or with their substantial creative and organisational help of the disabled. The film does not have to deal with the problematicity of disability – there is a free choice of the topic.

§ 4.

Films submitted for the contest must fulfill the following conditions:

1. they must meet artistic criteria qualifying them for the contest (match the formula of the Festival),

2. amateur films cannot be longer than 10 minutes, there are no time limits concerning documentaries and feature films,

3. films must be produced between 2011 and 2014,

4. films can be submitted in a BlueRay format, uncompressed DVD Video system or in MPEG2 format (up to 8000 kbps) or in PAL system or on tape 35 mm with optical sound registration.

§ 5.

1. In order to be considered for selection there must be filled an application form available on website and then sent to the Festival office’s address, accompanied with a DVD Video or BlueRay. All movies must be submitted with English subtitles and a dialogue list in English.

2. Films together with promotional materials (a poster, photos from the film in an electronic form, the director's dossier, a synopsis, a trailer) must be submitted till 15th June 2014.

3. The Selection Committee of the Festival decides if a particular film may enter the contest.

4. Postal costs of sending an application are covered by a consignor.

§ 6.

1. Submitted films will be awarded by the Jury which will consist of the representatives of the film industry and the disabled people from an artistic circle .

2. The Jury will award honorary prizes – statues of the “Butterfly 2014” - in the following categories:

a) The best documentary film,

b) The best feature film,

c) The best amateur film.

3. Organizers have the right to grant additional awards, including financial prizes.

§ 7.

1. An applicant agrees on a free-of-charge use of four screenings of the film during the Festival or for promotional or educational purposes.

§ 8

The applicant states that:

1. He is the author and creator of the submitted film and his work of art is original and creative.

2. Only the applicant has all unlimited rights for the film described in § 4, including the right to use the film concerning copyright and neighbouring rights and that the applicant's rights as an author are not in any way limited by the third party, which would limit or disable submitting the film to the Festival.

3. The work of art is fully original, it does not infringe the copyright of the third party, it is free from any borrowings and there are no circumstances which could expose the organiser of the Festival to responsibility towards the third party because of the use of the film.

4. The applicant states that the statement in §8 of the Contest Rules and Regulations is true and it authorises the organiser of the Festival to use the statement and pass it to the third party.


The applicant states that:

„I hereby agree for processing personal information by the organisers of the Festival for the purposes of the organisation of the Festival in accordance with the Contest rules and regulations of the Festival, and for the disclosure of my personal data by the organisers of the Festival to entities authorised to publicise the information. I state that I have been informed that revealing my personal data is voluntary and that I have the right to access and correct the data”.


1. The applicant states and guarantees that the people shown in the film have agreed to show them, especially on the Internet and during screenings at the Festival and its accompanying events.

2. The applicant is fully responsible for the content of the film and a possible infringement of the rights of the third party.

3. The application to the Festival means acceptance of the rules and regulations.

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