Competition Regulations

21st European Film Festival "Integration You and Me"



The 21st European Film Festival Integration You and Me will take place in Koszalin from September 03 to September 07, 2024.

The organizers of the Festival are: Koszalin Social and Cultural Society and Koszalin Public Library named after Joachim Lelewel.


The goal of the Festival is to promote the idea of integration through cinematic art, addressing the issues of disability in various aspects.



The following film competitions will be held:


Fictional film competition.

Documentary film competition.

Amateur film competition. Films produced by individuals with disabilities or with their significant creative and organizational contributions. Amateur films do not have to focus on disability issues; the theme can be of any nature.


Submitted films must meet the following conditions:


The film must fit the festival format.


a) Documentary and fictional films - any,

b) Amateur films - up to 10 minutes.

Production year: 2022 to 2024.

Medium and format:

 I. Preferred:

a) Film in DCP (Digital Cinema Package) format, 1920 x 1080, 16:9 (pixel aspect ratio 1.4568), 24 fps or 25 fps, -20 LUFS, TP -4dBFS,

b) mp4 file (h.264 codec), 1920 x 1080, 16:9 (pixel aspect ratio 1.4568), PAL (25 fps), -20 LUFS, TP -4dBFS,

c) mp2 file (mpeg2 or mp2, dv or h.264 codec), 720 x 576, 16:9 (pixel aspect ratio 1.4568), PAL (25 fps), -20 LUFS, TP -4dBFS.

II. Optional:

a) Blu-ray Video (bd or mp4, 1920 x 1080, 16:9 (pixel aspect ratio 1.4568), PAL (25 fps)), peak -6dB,

b) DVD Video (mpeg2 or mp2, 720 x 576, 16:9 (pixel aspect ratio 1.4568), PAL (25 fps)), peak -6dB.



The condition for a film's entry into the competition is completing and signing the entry form available on the website and submitting it by email or mail. All copies must have subtitles in English (for foreign films, an English dialogue list must be included).

The deadline for submitting films is May 1, 2024.

Those submitting films qualified for the festival competition are required to send promotional materials and a completed entry form (for foreign films - an electronic dialogue list, poster, electronic film stills, director's dossier, trailer synopsis) by June 15, 2024.

A selection committee appointed by the organizers will qualify the submitted films.

The sender covers the shipping costs of the copies.



Films will be judged by a jury composed of representatives from the film industry and individuals with disabilities from the cultural creative community.

The jury will award prizes in the form of honorary statuettes "Butterfly 2024":

a) Best fictional film

b) Best documentary

c) Best amateur film.

The organizers reserve the right to award additional prizes, including financial ones.



Those submitting films agree to grant a license for the free use of the film copies for up to five screenings as part of the Festival or for promotional and training purposes.

The Festival organizers reserve the right to organize free film screenings in approximately 45 locations in Poland.

In the event of cinema closures, the Festival organizers reserve the right to organize free online film screenings. The Festival organizers commit to coordinating the date of such screenings with the film producer or distributor in advance.


Those submitting films declare that:


They are the author and creator of the submitted film for the Festival, and the work is original, creative, and individual, meeting the requirements applicable to a work under the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

Solely to the submitter, unlimited rights to the work specified in § 4 belong, including the necessary rights to use the work within the scope of copyright and related rights, and that the rights belonging to the submitter as the creator are not in any way burdened or restricted by the rights of third parties that would limit or exclude the right to submit the work for screening as part of the Festival.

The work is an entirely original piece, does not infringe on the copyrights of third parties, is free from any borrowings, and there are no other circumstances that could expose the Festival organizer to liability to third parties for the use or distribution of the work.

The statement made in §8 of the Regulations is true, and it authorizes the Festival organizer to use and transfer this statement to third parties.


Those submitting films declare that:

"I hereby consent to the processing of personal data by the Festival organizers for purposes related to the organization of the Festival, in accordance with the provisions of this Festival's regulations, and I authorize the Festival organizers to provide my personal data to entities authorized to distribute. I declare that I have been informed that providing my personal data is voluntary and that I have the right to access and correct the content of the data."



Those submitting films declare and guarantee that individuals presented in the film, whose consent is necessary for its distribution, have consented to the dissemination of their image, especially on the Internet and during film screenings as part of the Festival and related events.

The submitter bears full responsibility for the content contained in the film and for any potential infringement of the rights of third parties.

Submitting a film for participation in the Festival is equivalent to accepting these regulations.

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