18th European Film Festival
7th - 11th September 2021.

Photo Confrontations - a special photographic meeting 

Photo confrontations is another activity which is a part of 12th EFF Integration You and Me. The event took place between the 1st and the 15th of June in Koszalin. The main point of the meeting was to face the problem of disability. This was achieved during individual meetings of the models and artists, members of Association of Polish Art Photographers from Gdańsk Department. The photographers were: Wojciech Szwej, Edward Grzegorz Funke, Robert Gauer, Stanisław Składanowski and Wojciech Felcyn – very experienced photographers who have been awarded at numerous exhibitions and contests in Poland and abroad.
The models who were invited for the photo confrontations are special disabled people: Angelika Chrapkiewicz-Gądek, Izabela Sopalska, Danuta Bujok, Tomasz Karcz and Andrzej Szczęsny. The result of the individual work and various esthetic ideas are subtle portraits, classical photos and graphic experiments. The idea behind the event was to show that the leitmotif of the Festival ‘Image by strength’ may have different shades.
The outcome of the work will be an exhibition which will be opened during an inauguration of 12th EFF Integration You and Me on September 8, 2015.